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519 Stanton Station Rd

Lynne Thompson
Interviewer/Story Teller


Hi and Welcome to The Storied Human! I am so excited to venture out from just writing into modern day broadcasting -- podcasting! Each week I will interview a person who has a compelling story to share, or I will do a solo show and share my take on how my story affected me, and how I began to change it. or more about how integral stories are to our lives. We are shaped both from external stories that we read, watch, or hear, and internal stories, which we tell ourselves. There are times when our stories about ourselves no longer serve us, and taking a look at that can help us grow and be more of ourselves. 

I look forward to hearing your stories too, and your feedback about anything you hear on my podcast. Just DM me on my instagram at www.instagram/lthompson_574. I can't wait to share with you and hear from you! Welcome!

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