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The Storied Human Blog

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Welcome to The Storied Human Blog

Learning from and telling our stories is a very human thing!

So happy to be blogging again. A while back, I had my own personal essay blog called "Life is But a Dream" for 4 years, on Blogger. My kids were much younger then and I spent some years at home with them, so a lot of my content was about life with kids and being a parent.

I also had a food blog called "Garden State Foodie," where I talked about eating and making great food in New Jersey! I shared recipes and places. It was fun!

Now that the kids and are much older, life is different and my focus is on tapping my creative talent to share other people's stories. We can learn so much from each other and support each other too. So I wonder, WHAT IS YOUR STORY? Everyone has one!

This blog serves as a companion to my podcast. I am 17 episodes in and have talked to several people about how they left their jobs and started a business, some people shared how they handle long-term caretaking, others have told how they live with a mental illness. Everyone I have talked to has inspired me, and left me in wonder at how every human is unique, and everyone has a great story to share!

If I find interesting human story-related things I would like to share, they will be here. I look forward to this journey and sharing it with you!!

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